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Bandak International
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Bandak International is a diversified holding group specializing in retail, real estate, manufacturing, and investments. We provide quality consumer goods, properties, and products through our extensive network and commitment to excellence.

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Dedicated to creating high-quality natural and organic beauty products for the modern busy female. With a focus on affordability, Elicur offers a range of products that cater to the needs of women who want to take care of themselves and their bodies without spending lots of money.


Maioura is a luxury brand that appeals to high earners and self-conscious individuals who believe in the art of self-appreciation. The brand offers a range of premium products that are designed to cater to the sophisticated tastes of discerning customers. Maioura has everything you need to feel confident and pampered.

The Batch Station operates as a global supplier of wholesale materials and a manufacturer of final products under private label agreements. By utilizing a highly efficient model, The Batch Station is able to achieve low-cost production through economies of scale. In addition to product manufacturing, The Batch Station offers a variety of services to clients, including sourcing and managing the supply chain. This allows other market players and brands to concentrate on their areas of expertise.

Candlier Experiences is a premium candle brand renowned for its exquisite retail and bespoke candles, tailored for every occasion and individual. Using only high-grade raw materials, each candle promises a luxurious, long-lasting burn, encapsulating a blend of beauty and quality. The brand excels in custom-made creations, offering personalized options in scents, colors, and styles to suit varied tastes and events. Ideal for enhancing any setting, Candlier Experiences' range spans from relaxing to invigorating aromas, perfect for daily use or special celebrations. Embodying the essence of sophistication and personal touch, Candlier Experiences invites you to elevate your sensory experience with candles crafted uniquely for you.

Bandak International Investment

Bandak International Investment operates as a dynamic and innovative entity within the Bandak International Holding. Specializing in both investments and real estate, the company focuses on identifying and capitalizing on lucrative opportunities in various markets, with a keen eye on sustainable and profitable growth. In the investment sector, Bandak International for Investment diversifies its portfolio across multiple asset classes, including stocks, bonds, and private equity, with a strategic emphasis on long-term value creation.

In the realm of real estate, the company excels in developing, managing, and investing in a wide range of properties, including residential, commercial, and industrial real estate. Their real estate projects are known for their quality, strategic locations, and innovative design, catering to a diverse clientele. The company's real estate portfolio includes high-end residential complexes, state-of-the-art office spaces, and industrial parks, reflecting a balance between aesthetic appeal and functional excellence.

Bandak International Investment is committed to ethical business practices, environmental sustainability, and community engagement, ensuring that its operations contribute positively to the societies in which it operates. The company's approach combines financial acumen with a commitment to social responsibility, setting it apart in the investment and real estate sectors.

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